The Essence of Sicily

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The first gin made with Botanicals from Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean. A sophisticated blend of herbs and spices including juniper, lemon, orange, pistachio, sesame, carob, jasmine, create a seductive, citrusy, floral, unique craft distillate.

The Renaissance of Sicilian Marsala Combined with the tradition of Vermouth. Sicilian Marsala aged in oak casks for at least 12 months, blended with herbs and spices from Sicily, including artemisia, gentian, orange peel, contribute to the creation of Mediterraneo.

This Sicilian London Dry embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean. ICapers from the island of Pantelleria and salt from the salt pans of Trapani, combined with lemon and orange peels create an elegant, saline, Mediterranean, craft distillate.

This Exclusive Aperitif takes you on a sensorial journey to Sicily. A surprising blend of Sicilian prickly pear, citrus and herbs give a rich, enveloping taste and a seductive, lasting, distinct aroma.

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The Essence of Sicily







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