The Renaissance of Sicilian Marsala Combined with the tradition of Vermouth. Sicilian Marsala aged in oak casks for at least 12 months, blended with herbs and spices from Sicily, including artemisia, gentian, orange peel, contribute to the creation of Mediterraneo.

A Red Vermouth with a rich, smooth taste with vibrant notes of raisins and walnut, and an elegant bitter note. Delicious neat, on the rocks, ideal for cocktail creation. The alcohol content is 18%.

Capacity: 750ml

The rediscovery of Marsala, grown on the waves of the Mediterranean.

We like to describe this vermouth with 4 adjectives: Amber, because of the warm, elegant, and seductive coloring of Marsala Wine;
Natural, because we do not add any coloring agents, natural or artificial;
Ethereal, because Marsala ages at least 12 months in oak barrels, giving the Vermouth a rich, smooth taste with vibrant notes of raisins and walnut; Mediterranean, because you can perceive the essence of the Mediterranean.
750ml, ABV 18%

Mediterraneo is a Red Vermouth, delicious on its own and ideal for cocktail creation.

The Essence of SICILY.

Taste the Essence, the Essence of Sicily


Artemisia (absinthium and pontica)
Bitter Orange - Catania
Marsala Semi Dry
(at least 12 months in oak barels)

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