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INSULAE s.r.l. is a Sicilian company focused on the creation and production of Distillates and Alcoholic Beverages, owned by two Sicilian Founders Under 30.

Since our birth (January 2019), we have been telling the story of Sicily through our products, in liquid and alcoholic form.

The first of these was INSULAE Sicilian Gin, the first Sicilian Distilled Gin, recognized by the market and critics as one of the best aromatic gins in Italy.

We firmly believe in the history and values of our island, in tradition and innovation.

Sicily is a unique island at the center of the Mediterranean, a meeting place between the West and the East.

The result is an extraordinary mix of cultural contaminations of different origins: from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, from the Swedes to the Arabs, from the French to the Normans.

Each of these dominations has contributed to shaping the heart and soul of the Sicilians, creative and exotic people for their oriental influences, simple and dreamy for their western ones, kissed by the sun and embraced by the sweet waters of the seas that surround them.

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